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Darleen Haupt assisted me in a healing journey that transformed my life. 

I initially went to her because I was intrigued with the idea of personal restoration that encompassed the three components of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Three years later, after a hiatus from consistent visits, I found myself in a personal crisis; mentally and physically.  While fearful of change, I knew that she was the one person who could foster my healing and facilitate a therapeutic journey.  

Transformation can be scary, yet with Darleen it was a journey that unveiled itself.  She changed my life! I would not be where I am today without her unconditional love, gifts of wisdom and expertise.  Darleen looked at who I truly was as a whole person.  She challenged me, embraced me and healed me simultaneously.

In short, Darleen is a therapist, confidant, spiritual guide, life coach and medical intuitive who assists you in embracing your true self, all in a non-judgmental way.  

~ LB, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Liberty, NY


When I first met Darleen I was having major anxiety about taking the National Boards for Occupational Therapy. Training for the boards was like teaching a jumping bean to meditate in complete stillness for 4 hours. So I went to Darleen the day before my exam, hoping she could help tame my inner jumping bean. She worked her magic and I sat calmly for 4 hours! In fact I finished the exam 11 minutes early and passed with flying colors. I have been back to her many times and can give countless examples on how she has helped me.

Here's just one more: I recently had a bad car accident. Hit by an oil truck. My body was not hurt, but my brain was shaken to panic. I then started to panic about the panic attacks putting myself at risk of another accident. I have no time for panic nor do I wish to ever get into another accident, so I went to Darleen. I walked out feeling grounded and panic free! I can truly go on and on about the ways in which Darleen has helped me feel more comfortable with ME. Bottom line, she's an energy healer and I highly recommend her services! 

- JC - Occupational Therapist, NY


Darleen is a healer extraordinaire! I arrived on her doorstep suffering from colitis and severe side-affects from high doses of steroids, as well as back and shoulder problems. With her careful ministrations, she has brought me to a new level of health when others could not. She focuses on each problem with compassion, expertise, and a joyful demeanor. Darleen not only heals but educates, sharing her extensive knowledge of nourishment for the body, soul and stomach! Yummy! She has taught me not only to care for myself but about myself, and a more fulfilling way of living.  

- Marnet Kelly, Greenwood Lake, NY

I have the pain in my heels to thank for bringing me to Darleen.  After a year and a half of podiatrists’ visits, orthotics, physical therapy etc., my coworker suggested I try her holistic practitioner to find some relief and I am forever grateful for the suggestion.  After one visit I was hooked.  Darleen takes time to get to know you and your body and can literally sense trouble spots.  Just the mere sight of her makes me feel better than any prescription.  Darleen has not only eased the pain in my feet but also in my heart and my mind.  Through her Energy work I began to heal from the inside out and discovered that troubles I had long forgotten were actually buried deep in my muscles memory just waiting  for release.  Her knowledge of how the body/mind connection affects every aspect of your day, combined with her compassion and support allows your spirit a safe  space to heal. Darleen is a gift I wish I could give to everyone I meet.  With her help you really can "Be Well".  

- T. Stevenson

Darleen's intuitive healing is amazing.  She knows exactly what part of the body needs nurturing and energy.  Her wise words and practical strategies for diet, meditation, and creating personal rituals has helped me so much on my healing path.  I recommend her as a healer and teacher for all of us on the path to wellness!  

- J. Morris, NYC

Darleen has introduced me to a holistic way of looking at my wellbeing. I originally visited her for a therapeutic massage to assist with pain associated with an old injury. Darleen soon released my discomfort and taught me how to release the pain on my own. She continued to teach me how to understand my whole health and how events can trigger old injuries (pain). Darleen has also demonstrated stretching and breathing exercises that keep me in balance in between visits with her. She has introduced me to teas and natural remedies that help improve my digestion, allergies, and stomach ailments. With every visit I feel that I better understand the relationship between my stress and/or support, the foods I eat or don't, my physical activity and my whole body and mind. I consider Darleen my coach, teaching me to read and respond to my body's complaints. Knowing I have the ability and means to ease my own pain is priceless.

Thank you Darleen,

Laura W.


Darleen, I cant even begin to thank you for working with my soul and my body.  You truly did change my life.  After suffering with severe asthma and for the last 8 years tumors in my lungs you helped me to breath deeper and relax the muscles better than any specialist in over 30 years.  You truly changed my life and my breathing.  There isn't a specialist that took the time to do breathing exercises with me or teach me to do them myself.  You have helped me to make the most of each breath.  I felt like you cared for me as if I was your only client.  You are an angel and I will continue to utilize your warm hands and beautiful soul for many years to come. Thank you again from the bottom of my lungs!!!! 


D. Seeley, Confectioner


I feel certain that I owe the peaceful delivery of my son to Darleen.  She came to work with me on the second day of my three-day labor and I know she made the difference in my having a natural delivery with no complications.  Darleen used a combination of Polarity Therapy, Reiki, CranioSacral and Therapeutic Massage with me, then left me with thoughts of continuing with meditation through my prolonged ordeal. She came without prior notice and stayed with me the better part of the day.  Being a fellow student in Polarity studies, I chose Darleen because of her beautiful, peaceful, cheerful spirit and energy… I felt so comfortable with her on first meeting and knew her energy was exactly what I wanted my unborn son to feel just prior to his coming into the world to join us.  Thanks Darleen... my son Brendan is now three and has a similar cheerful, kind, outgoing, spirit as you do… thanks for touching our lives!  

With eternal gratitude and love,

M. Morris, NYC


After having my first massage with Darleen I knew she was very special. She has an incredible touch and euphoric energy that transfers from her lightest touch into you. She is very intuitive and is fully aware of what your body needs. With the combination of different modalities and a personal scanning of your body she was able to pin point the right areas in need of healing. Darleen was able to feel my pain and discomfort and has helped me many times to heal physically and spiritually, she is able to heal mind, body and soul all together in one treatment.

- G. Greenfeld, Registered Nurse


Darleen is an amazing individual, and I feel I have made more progress with her in six months - in managing my anxiety, beating my depression, controlling my OCD, balancing my emotional and social needs, and focusing all of my important energies - than I made in ten years of "traditional" talk therapy.  My migraines are almost completely nonexistent, and the only pills I take are vitamin supplements.  I feel more positive and more powerful, and I cannot say enough in thanks.

- MP, Writing Teacher